Waves of Consciousness

It seems to us at the Integral Monastery that the way in which we view and interpret the phenomena of the world is not static and fixed, but rather, that it appears to unfold in a dynamic and evolutionary process. This developmental unfolding can for purposes of convenience be arbitrarily separated into various stages, or waves. 

By learning to identify the characteristics of each stage, we may become able to better understand and act within the social and cultural contexts we find ourselves in as part of our day-to-day lives. Below is offered a brief description of each of these stages.

(SG = Stage Positives. SN = Stage Negatives.)

§         1-tier.

Infrared: Archaic consciousness. Archaic. (Ascending.)
SP: Basic functions. Survival.
SN: Primal and uncontrolled.

Magenta: Magical, animistic consciousness. Pre-modernity. (Descending.)
SP: Social functions and stabilization. Meaning.
SN: Irrational. Narrow perspectives and morality. Stagnation.

Red: Power, mythic consciousness. Pre-modernity. (Ascending.)
SP: Action. Growth.
SN: Unrestrained violent impulses.

Amber: Conformist, mythic, absolutist consciousness. Pre-modernity. (Descending.)
SP: Impulse control. Laws. Meaning. Unification capacities. Ethnocentric morality.
SN: Patriarchal. Rigidity. Divisions. Intolerance. Irrational. Sheep-mentality. ”Control freak”.

Orange: Rational, achievist consciousness. Modernity. (Ascending.)
SP: Reason. Logic. Initiate worldcentric morality and universal rights. Rational spirituality. Individual agency.
SN: Materialistic. Shallow. Wealth, fame and power as only motivation. Cynicism. Nihilism. Social alienation.

Green: Relativistic, pluralistic consciousness. Post-modernity. (Descending.)
SP: Tolerance. Systems awareness; symbiotic and emergent understandings. Begins to view phenomena as lacking an intrinsic substance. Master worldcentric morality and universal rights. Possible trans-rational spiritual resonance.
SN: Indecision and stagnation. Pathological hierarchy-deconstruction. Irrational regressions. Nihilism.
Stage-inappropriate solipsism/narcissism.

·         2-tier.

Turquoise: Integral consciousness. Integral. (Initiate Ascending/Descending.)
SP: Harmonious integrations. Kosmocentric morality. Initiate Perspective Chameleon. Conventionally valid hierarchies. Possible trans-rational spiritual resonance.
Exhaustion inefficiency: cognitive resignation in the face of seemingly endless possibilities and variables.

·         3-tier.

Indigo-: Undefined. (Master Ascending/Descending.)
SP: Master Perspective Chameleon. Trans-rational spirituality. Unknown.
SN: To be discovered.

Infinite mental evolution ahead. 

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