söndag 20 januari 2013

Christian Religious Orders

Attending a meeting like this would have been thrilling.

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"The names of the orders delineated in the annexed plate, follow in the same succession in which the figures stand; beginning with the nun on the left, and reckoning towards the right: the same order is observed with respect to the sitting figures. —— A Benedictine nun; a monk of the same order; a Cluniac; a Cistertian and a Carthusian; a nun of St. Gilbert; a regular canon of the same; a Trinitarian; a knight templar; knight hospitallar; a secular canon; a canon regular of the Præmonstratensians. The sitting figures are, a regular canon of St. Augustine; a regular canon of the holy Sepulche (sic); a canon of the Hospital of St John at Coventry; chaplain of the order of St. John of Jerusalem."

Source: Grose, Francis: "The Antiquities of England and Wales" (1783) [link]