onsdag 5 oktober 2011


Suppose that you, upon seeing the picture below, didn't immediately think "Ah, that's an X." What then would that thing be?

Just as a fun little experiment, try to look at the picture, without entertaining any preconcieved notions about what it is. (Or what it isn't). Instead, just look simply and without judgement. What do you see?

Now since I asked the question "what do you see?" you will, quite naturally, try to answer it.

Maybe you will say "It's an iris, obviously. Part of the eye. So what?" But as part of the experiment, let that thought gently dissolve, and look again.

Maybe you will say "It's a component of the uveal tract. It contains pigmented cells and muscle and is composed of four layers, namely the anterior border layer, the stroma, the dilator muscle layer and the posterior epithelium." Try to let that thought dissolve, and look again.

Or maybe you will say "It's just a bunch of colours, I guess?" Dissolve, look again.

"It's my mind." Dissolve, look again.

"Isn't it one of those results from the CERN Large Hadron Collider? Or maybe a visual representation of the big bang? A cosmic black hole?" Dissolve, look again.

"It's the totality of existence reflected in one thing due to the mutual containment and interpenetration of all phenomena." Dissolve, look again.

"It's a holon in the upper-right quadrant viewed from a 1st-person perspective in the gross waking state from the Teal stage of consciousness." Dissolve, look again.

"It's a perfect expression of Awareness, God, the Self, Spirit." Dissolve, look again.

"Who the heck cares, anyway? Whatever." Dissolve, look again.

"Ultimately I don't see anything since everything is empty of inherent existence." Dissolve, look again.

"I don't know." Dissolve. Look again.

"What is the meaning of this experiment?" Dissolve.

And look again.

Photograph: Link

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