lördag 16 april 2011

Monk Retaliation

"I had to flee barefooted"
by violent man

Being a monk in Sweden is no longer safe! I just read in the newspaper a couple of Benedictine monks, living a tranquil life near Stockholm, received an unwelcome guest last Sunday night. "-The day of judgement has arrived!" a man shouted before he proceeded to wreak havoc in the monastery, in what seemed like a fit of religious berserkery.

Having barely escaped several punches Father Caesarius, head monk, attempted to flee the man's wrath, running out of the monastery barefooted and in nothing but a pyjamas. Despite having a large porcelain crucifix hurled at him, he eventually tried to calm the rampaging man down by pleading him to remember his desire to become a good Christian. Turns out the man was not a stranger, but a former resident of the monastery, at the time having been asked to leave due to unwholesome behaviour. The attack was a way for the man to demonstrate his sense of betrayal  a monk retaliation, in other words.

The excommunicated monk was caught by the police the same night, but released just three days after. The monks at Östanbäcka monastery now fear the man will invade again, and suspect he is hiding out in their remote forest hermitage. "-I can't believe the police released him" Father Caesarius said, pointing out the man is in need of psychiatric help.

In any case, I'm relieved the event didn't unfold in a shaolin monastery, or things might have turned out a lot worse.

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