tisdag 8 mars 2011

The Mystical Experience

The mystical experience is perhaps one of the most exquisite phenomena available to a human being*, all while simultaneously being thought of as the most elusive and obscure. 

Yet, as evidenced by St. Theresa of Ávila, Mansūr al-Hallāj, Tilopa, Ramakrishna, and countless others, this state knows no bounds and is accessible for all. In both the East and West mystics have been, and are, speaking of an experience of sublime freedom and love, each in their own conceptual language.

What a monastic lifestyle enables, even in this day and age, is to allow a person to focus fully on this so called mystical dimension of life  a dimension of selfless service to truth. This is what stimulated the birth of the Integral Monastery, the wish to open up this profound and blessed life to modern, city-dwelling beings.

Below, some poetry springing from the mystical heart; the heart no man, and no woman, has ever known.

sky water
hear it singing
over forgotten grounds
now, see all anew

fingertips touching
a strange land
nothing has changed
just sky water

O, see!
boundless love is this
come play in rainlight
as dry leaves turn wet

heart beating
body light and heavy
nothing has changed
but, all is seen anew

in the light
drip, drop
just is

The absolutely extraordinary photograph: Burcin Esin
Poetry: Integral Monastery
* And it's free. Won't cost anyone a penny. That's the beautiful thing about it.

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