tisdag 8 februari 2011


Chatter, chatter. Talk, talk. Prattle, prattle.

Ever noticed how we’re in constant conversation-mode? If not with someone else, we’re in dialogue with ourselves.

Sometimes the talk is engaging, stimulating, rewarding. Sometimes it is hollow, meaningless, ranting; as if we were only talking for sake of talking itself.

But question is, do we really have to talk all the time?

It seems language makes up who we are, and what we believe to exist. It is the very fabric of our worldly life, the place where we hang our proverbial hat of identity. Language makes us feel secure. Secure and comforted in knowing what’s going on, and why, and how, and where, and when. Without language — without talking — who would we be, where would we be, when would we be

Could this perhaps be the one of the reasons we’re so afraid of shutting off the television, afraid of not checking out the latest tweets, afraid of closing our mind’s mouth for but a second? Could it be that we’re talking all the time because we’re just so afraid of falling into that place of not knowing what the hell’s going on?


This is an invitation to shake hands with silence. Maybe even a hug is in order. For once, let’s close our mouths and just look. What’s going on here?

Make no mistake, this requires a lot of courage. The courage to let reality pull the rug of comfort from under our feet. The courage to admit we just don’t know what’s actually going on here...


WTF! Spiritual insight. 

As the vortex of the unknown swallows you whole, a delicious consequence is that along with that “you” goes all the problems, dissatisfaction and confusion you may be wrestling with on a daily basis. In this surrender, God flicks a switch and all suffering is effortlessly swept away. Alleluia!

And so, what is left at this point? Well, don’t start talking again - just look!

"no nothing only those wintry crows
bright black in the sun"

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