onsdag 16 februari 2011

Musitation — meditation with music

I just added a playlist at the bottom right side of the webpage (under the twitter feed), filled with carefully chosen contemplative music. This playlist will be updated with new stuff regularly.

Be the music

Sometimes our minds are so busy with noise and thought that it can colour our entire experience. We may become unfocused, stressed, and physically tense. At these times it may be helpful to employ some method capable of quenching the flames of distraction. One such method is music.

I call meditation with music musitation. Let’s try it? Start by firing up the music playlist below.

Sit down, drop all thought, breathe. If it feels natural to keep your eyes open, keep them open. If it feels natural to keep your eyes closed, keep them closed.

Experience how the music slowly enters into and fills your consciousness, washing everything away, allowing you to enter completely into this moment. 


As you’re nowhere but here, notice how your gut area may be filled with a sense of tight energy. This tightness occurs because our personal life often demands that we be constantly on our toes, ready to defend ourselves. Let's drop the need to fuel that demand, just for now. Instead, l
et the music penetrate into and reverberate throughout your entire body, as if the body was insubstantial, like open space.

Breathe, and feel how the tensions in your gut gently starts to disentangle, slowly evaporating like steam into thin air. Notice how, as that bundle of tight energy is released, it becomes increasingly difficult to find a concrete boundary between yourself, and space. Notice how it becomes increasingly difficult to find a boundary between you as a listener, and the music being listened to. Notice how, perhaps, there may not even be a need for a listener... :O

Be the music. Only that.

“When I heard the sound of
the bell ringing, there was no I,
and no bell, just the ringing.”
- Zen Master

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